Practical Advantages

Speed of erecting Block Wall

  • 3 to 4 times faster than conventional method
  • Environmentally friendly; less formworks
  • Consistent size; less wastage

Good quality wall finishing

  • Wall is straight
  • Can be finished by :- plastering, skim coat, painting

Smooth surface finishes

  • Only skim coat is required for internal wall
  • Painting without a skim coat can be done; depending on the quality of finishes demanded by client

Block system

  • Good heat & sound insulation; energy saving
  • 2 hours fire rating approved by Sirim
  • Cheaper and simple footing along the wall is required for single storey
Block produced by machine
  • Quality control with G25 mix
  • Better strength
  • No cracks
  • Consistent size and compaction

Load Bearing Wall

  • Need no formwork as columns and beams are cast within blocks
  • Save ~ 2/3 of  reinforcement compared to conventional method