CKYIBS Load Bearing Wall System


CKYIBS Interlocking Load Bearing Wall System is a patented Industrialised Building System (IBS) manufacturer in Malaysia.

CKYIBS  is rated as a modular dimension coordinated intelligent building system. We have successfully incorporated tongue and groove technology into the building components as a means to reduce the need of skilled construction workers.

The simplicity of CKYIBS system makes it possible for unskilled workers to effectively and efficiently install this system with as little as a week’s training.

CKYIBS uses specially designed Beam and Column Blocks for the construction of Beams and Columns. This not only eliminates the use of formwork but also removes the need to hire carpenters.

As a Load Bearing wall system, CKYIBS utilises properties of concrete to reduce the steel content needed in the construction of walls; making it possible to reduce up to 60% of steel content.

CKYIBS manufactures concrete products that are of high quality and precision. With our products, a finished wall will be well within the tolerance of +-2mm. The internal walls can be finished by applying 4 to 5mm thick skim coat and 10mm thick cement sand plaster for all external wall surfaces.